MISSION: KDW Cares, Inc. is committed to offering education, self-empowerment, career exploration, and training in STEM and hospitality industries. Our outreach programs target under-served and middle class communities, providing opportunities for youth, teens, and adults.

Recognizing the dearth of opportunities in urban areas, KDW Cares aims to bridge the gap by establishing connections between available resources and those in need. Through relationship-building and program development, we empower individuals and communities, striving for improved outcomes.

In 2018, KDW Cares made significant strides in community empowerment through philanthropy and holistic education. Addressing societal issues remains a priority, with a focus on promoting mindfulness and establishing sustainable systems for positive change. Collaborating with educators and entrepreneurs, our non-profit transforms the vision of providing resources to the less fortunate into a tangible reality.

As our organization grows, we are dedicated to strengthening communities by investing care in each individual, fostering positive change one person at a time.