In the spirit of recognizing extraordinary life work while giving back, KDW Cares Inc is proud to announce an annual HBCU College Education scholarship, in honor of the late Antwion Alexander Ball.

Antwion’s passion was in education and mentorship, teaching Mathematics to students of all ages. It was a gift that came with both ease and pleasure. His unique ability to connect with young people spiritually, academically and socially was a game changer in helping students achieve success. We don’t have to look far to know that outcomes in Reading and Math, specifically in communities of color lag. We also know that these areas are of extreme importance in adulthood as these subject areas aid in problem solving, decision making and one’s ability to communicate. Antwion understood this; therefore, committed his life to providing resources for scholars while being relatable to the social and emotional challenges young people face.


Antwion’s teaching portfolio is a compilation of schools spanning from Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Washington, DC, Tennessee, and most recently New York City at the East Harlem Scholars Academy, teaching High School Math where he would connect with students while providing online instruction. Unfortunately, we lost Antwion in late 2020 during the height of the pandemic due to complications caused by Covid-19.

Though Antwion is no longer here with us in the physical we’d like to continue in the work he started in the essence of teaching, providing resources and giving back.



The scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $5,000 to a high school senior entering college. Scholarship awards will be made directly to the post-secondary institution that the student has been accepted to and enrolled.

General Criteria

  1. Must be a student of a Baltimore City/County Public High School graduating senior
  2. No minimum GPA requirement
  3. Must be entering a Historically Black College in Fall 2023, majoring in one of the following: Math, Science, or Technology
  4. Must demonstrate a commitment to volunteerism and show community Involvement
  5. Must submit an essay in written or video format (*details of essay topic will be provided each year when applications are made available)

Applications will be accepted during the period of March 1 to May 15, 2023. The college scholarship award for a 2023 high school graduating senior will be awarded in August 2023.


KDW Cares is proud to announce Jules Carr as the inaugural college scholarship recipient of our Urban Educator Award.

About Jules Carr

My name is Jules Carr and I graduated from Western School of Technology and Environmental Science in 2022, with a 4.75 GPA. I will be attending the illustrious Hampton University this upcoming Fall. I intend on studying biology and finance in hopes of working for a scientific pharmaceutical company to manage their spending, budgeting, investing, and savings. I have always had a deep love and connection to science and finance. Improving the health and finances of the black community will always be an aspiration of mine because of the prominent lack of financial literacy within the black community. Additionally, I want to conduct a surplus of scientific research in hopes to provide information and improve overall wellness and awareness. I desire to conduct research involving drugs, chemistry, and biology so that there is a better understanding amongst the black community. I aspire to help people that look like me gain information on things that can improve their health, contributing to the betterment of the black community.

Thank You from Jules Carr

I thank you so much for this scholarship award. It truly means the world to know that the work I have produced had this effect on others. This will help more than you know, and I really do appreciate it. I am a big believer in the saying that minor things can go a long way. However, this is no minor thing for me, and it makes a world of difference for me and my family and for that I will be forever grateful for this. Thank you again and I can assure you that you chose the right person!