Our KDW Cares team believes Financial Literacy is a key component to help the next generation thrive, rather than just getting by or sustaining themselves. Financial Literacy is a key driver of personal fiscal management which could lead to the creation of generational wealth.

Though Financial Literacy is such an important part of everyone’s life, very few investments are made in the K-12 education arenas that allow for scholars to leave High School with a solid grasp of personal finances. We also believe there are core Mathematics concepts that can aid in capturing the attention of scholars early on when delivered through a lens of Financial Literacy. Because of these issues combined, those who are at least introduced, only really scratch the surface by learning about credit and traditional savings plans. Because of this, many of us spend our entire adult lives digging out of financial holes, never experiencing the balance we all deserve. Though we’d agree that money isn’t everything, we know that irresponsible financial decisions driven by the lack of sharing of information can make life much harder than it has to be.

KDW Cares would like to begin to shift the dynamic around who receives this critical information, and we could use your help. – MAKE A DONATION TODAY!

We would like to approach our Financial Literacy instruction with a few core principles in mind: