The KDW Cares team firmly believes that Financial Literacy is a crucial component in empowering the next generation to thrive, rather than merely subsisting. Understanding the principles of Financial Literacy is instrumental in fostering personal fiscal management, which in turn can lead to the creation of generational wealth.

Despite its significance in everyone’s life, there is a noticeable lack of investments in K-12 education that provide students with a solid understanding of personal finances. KDW Cares recognizes the importance of equipping scholars with financial education before they need these skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for the future. Financially literate young adults are better positioned to lead lives of abundance and security from the outset.

Our Financial Literacy Program is dedicated to offering elementary through high school students the opportunity to learn about finances and contribute to the creation of generational wealth for their communities. Our scholars participate in hands-on activities that cover the fundamentals of budgeting, saving, investing, banking, and more. Additionally, KDW Cares has forged partnerships with outstanding organizations to provide participants with practical experiences to enhance their financial literacy.

KDW Cares aims to shift the dynamic surrounding the distribution of this critical information, and your support can make a significant impact. MAKE A DONATION TODAY to help us empower the youth and teens with essential financial knowledge.

We approach our Financial Literacy instruction with a few core principles in mind: